Green Chuck Taylor From the Converse All Star Line

Recently I took a good look into the Converse All Star line and was a bit surprised to find that the most popular color in the whole collection (other than basic black or white) is Chuck Taylor Green!

Most people at one time or another have owned at least one pair of Converse All Star shoes (me included) and as it turns out more people who own one or more of the basic colors available own a pair in Green. (The bargain-basement prices on this color are a bit higher than other colors too, indicating a higher demand.)

If you’re on the lookout for a pair for yourself or someone you know, here’s what you can count on in terms of what’s available:

Hi Tops are probably the all-time favorite in the green – classic Hi Top shoes. These have a sturdy canvas upper with a flexible rubber sole. The hi upper provides additional ankle support and they’re amazingly versatile for any casual wardrobe.

Lo Tops – This is the original Chuck Taylor style and is a fun look in itself. Easy to slip on and off and are also the favorite shoes of many people all over the world and are also quite versatile for casual dress.

Double Upper – This is my personal favorite in the Chuck Taylor Green collection. There are two uppers, one lying lower than the other to reveal a contrasting color beneath. Both uppers for the shoe have eyelets so one, both or neither of the uppers can be laced for three distinctly different looks. In the year 2008, the Double Upper shoe from this line became extremely popular – even to the point it was hard to keep them in stocks for some merchants online. These are (in my opinion) the most fun and funky shoes in the entire All Star line.

Chuck Taylor shoes are for anyone. The various styles include men’s and women’s sizes as well as versions for toddlers and infants. There’s even a sweet little crib shoe version that are even great for newborns and are absolutely darling.

If you’re wondering what a pair of Green Chuck Taylor shoes might cost, it really depends on the size and style you buy – for example an adult size pair of shoes will cost more than for kids or toddlers, while the simple classic design of All Star shoes will cost a bit less than say the “Double Upper” design. However – generally speaking if you’re paying retail prices you can count on anywhere from $40 to $50 for adult sizes, a bit less for kids and even less for the smaller toddler and infant sizes. There are resources online that can be tapped into to buy Chuck Taylor shoes for discount prices, one just needs to know where to look.

Preparing to Learn How to Dance

A lot of people have a yearning for dancing. The reason may be fitness, personal enhancement, or just for relaxation. It is an excellent medium for self expression. Though formal or traditional dancing isn’t very popular these days, having been taken over by the modern styles that provide enough freedom to the dancers, lessons for any style continue to be available.

Of the many ways that teach you how to dance, taking lessons in dancing is among the most popular. Beginners need to focus on the genre of dance that they are keen to learn. They may choose from ballet, ballroom dancing or hip hop. Learning anything needs practice and patience, and so does this activity. It is also important to use an attire suiting the type of dance you may choose to learn.

The usual ways that people follow for learning to dance is by attending dancing camps and taking instructions, but many don’t find these practical as they are short of time or money. Thankfully, dance videos are available to introduce beginners to the basic steps, offering fun and amusement.

Those having video game consoles have another opportunity for learning to dance. That’s because many games include dance movements into the game. Children, as well as young adults, will find it an enjoyable way of learning the basic steps.

Learning any style of dancing necessarily requires the right kind of shoes and dress. For instance, ballet or tap shoes are needed while learning ballet or tap, though for many other styles, a pair of comfortable shoes is fine.

Then, there are kinds of dancing requiring a partner to dance with. It is vital to choose a partner you feel comfortable with, as the two of you need to coordinate your moves. So, it helps having a partner with a similar level of experience as yours.

It is important for dance students to remain physically fit. Of course, dancing helps improving cardio health and the overall fitness, so it is better to stick to nutritious diet. Reducing your intake of sugar and junk food keeps your energy levels high.

Warming up is also necessary before starting any dance routine. One can avoid strain and fatigue by doing particular stretches. Some learners have benefitted by practicing yoga. However, something that proves effective for one may not help everybody.

It is only natural for any beginner learning to dance to make mistakes at times. Maintaining a personal diary is helpful in pointing out the areas needing improvement, and encourages the learner to achieve their goal faster.

Bloch Dance Shoes

Bloch Dance Shoes are the most effective dance trainers on the market today. They are durable, flexible and fashionable all rolled into one.

Dancers from all areas of dance adore these trainers. The uppers are made from a durable mesh which allows flexibility whilst still allowing the foot to breathe. The rubber split sole provides protection for heels and toes and yet supports and encourages developing arches helping protect the foot from damage and injury.

From ballet to tap, jazz to Irish to ballroom. From beginner to professional levels bloch dance shoes are an asset to all dancers.

Given the cost of performance dance shoes it is great to find an effective alternative which can be used for classes, warm ups and practice sessions alike. Durable as they are these shoes have a long lifespan.

Dance tutors love these shoes and encourage students to purchase them where possible as they support the feet in ways which regular trainers cannot possibly do.

Dance work is now possible on most floor surfaces. Bloch trainers and sneakers allow for realistic practice on wooden floors and tiles without the risk of injury to the dancer or damage to the floor surface. They also make for quieter practice sessions for those who wear noisy performance shoes!

Bloch Dance Shoes come in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Males seem to prefer the traditional black whilst the females just adore the pink, red and baby blue.

Coming in youth sizes right up through to and including adult sizes these dance trainers are available for budding and serious dancers alike!